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Bridge Kids is a launching pad for building the kingdom of God through the next generation. Whether it's singing and dancing during worship, listening to teachers bring the Bible to life, or making friends and sharing discoveries in small groups, we see Bridge Kids as more than daycare, but an opportunity to change lives. It is our privilege to create a safe, loving, and memorable environment for parents to bring their kids so they can enjoy Sunday mornings as a family.


What To Expect:

  • Bridge Kids is divided into the following age groups: Nursery Ages 0-2, Preschool Ages 3-5, Kindergarten-5th Grade, and our 6th Graders are integrated as Bridge Kids Student Leaders.

  • When you arrive at Bowditch Middle School, follow the a-frame signs to the BK sign-in tent. Feel free to ask any of our First Impressions team (the smiling faces with the How Can I Help You? badges on) for assistance. Sign-in begins at 9:15am.

  • At sign-in, you will receive a 3 digit number card corresponding with a number on your child’s name tag. If your child needs you during service, or if our volunteers need to reach you, this number will flash on the main service screen for your convenience.

  • When signing your child in, please communicate any allergies, or special assistance instructions with our BK team member. We are here to serve you and make your experience easy!

  • If you have an infant or toddler, you can bring a diaper, their pacifier, and a bottle or sippy cup. For a 2-year-old, please just bring a diaper. For kids age 3 and up—just a Bible! We always have extra diapers and clean, dry clothes as well, so don’t worry if you forget.

  • Infants enjoy a 1:2 ratio of team members to babies, and the rooms are full of age-appropriate toys and supplies. If your infant needs to sleep, there are cribs for them as well. Parents of infants will fill out a “Getting to Know You” card where they can share feeding times, nap times, etc.

  • Your child’s safety is incredibly important to us. All volunteers are screened through required background checks, receive ongoing training about child safety; and we maintain a thorough safety protocol throughout the service, including a campus-wide communication system with our First Impressions team.

  • In Bridge Kids, 6th graders provide age-appropriate, hands-on support to our main BK team members in various areas of our ministry. This is a great opportunity for them to grow in service, see themselves as the leaders they are, be discipled by BK team members, and have fun together!

  • If you have any feedback, concerns, or additional questions, please let us know through the Contact Page.


Bridge Kids Directors

Keaton and Kristina Goodell

Keaton and Kristina lead Bridge Kids with a heart to see all families rooted in a deep love for Christ. As products of powerful and Bible-centered children’s ministry themselves, they believe in the generational and lifelong impact Bridge Kids can make in a child and beyond. As a 3rd grader teacher with two degrees in education, Kristina brings firsthand experience to the role, and with two degrees in Theology, Keaton brings a balanced, biblical approach to the curriculum and culture of Bridge Kids. Together, they serve our Bridge Kids families with passion and excellence.

To reach our Bridge Kids Directors, email