Meet The Bridge's pastoral team who week in, week out seek to lovingly lead and walk alongside those who call The Bridge home, while also casting vision for how to serve the greater community. These are the people who lead the charge and devote their lives to pastoring The Bridge: it's people, midweek ministries, and gatherings on Sundays.

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Pastor Brian and Pastor Cynthia Goodell
Senior Pastors of The Bridge for over 15 years. Brian and Cynthia have been married for 31 years, and are passionate about seeing The Bay Area and the whole world come to Jesus. Pastor Brian graduated with his Master's in Strategic Leadership and Ministry from Life Pacific College in 2017 and will soon be penning his first book. Together, Brian and Cynthia are big fans of morning coffee, wine tasting in Napa Valley, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and being with their family of seven. 

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Pastor Reed and Pastor Victoria Sowell
Reed and Victoria are Associate Pastors at The Bridge, overseeing Pursuit Youth, First Impressions, Bridge Young Adults (BRDGYA), Bridge Creative, and other accountant responsibilities. Victoria graduated with her Bachelor's in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry from Life Pacific College in 2015, and Reed graduated with his Master's in Strategic Leadership and Ministry from Life Pacific College in 2015 as well. You'll often see Reed and Victoria teaching on Sundays at The Bridge, and frequently refilling their mugs with more coffee. They love sitting with friends over good food, driving along the coast, and writing at local coffee shops.

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Instagram: @reephen
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Instagram: @victoriatruthfully

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Pastor Rich and Pastor Evelyn Falasco
Rich and Evelyn are Associate Pastors at The Bridge, overseeing BridgeKidz and Bridge en Español. Pastor Rich is also the Neurology MB Director at UCSF and Pastor Evelyn is currently earning her Master's in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Rich and Ev are parents to two beautiful girls, and love traveling and running races as a family! They have a goal of two half marathons a year! Phew!

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Instagram: @rich_from_the_bay
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Instagram: @evfalasco

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Gavin and Pastor Teresa Parish
Gavin oversees Sound & Media at The Bridge, and Teresa leads the Prophecy and Prayer midweek gatherings. Teresa is also on the Sunday teaching team at The Bridge and has earned a PhD in Theology with a homiletics focus! Gavin is the Senior Product Manager for a multi-national technology corporation, with a degree in Computer Science and 20 years of experience. Gavin and Teresa are always planning their next trip to somewhere, and love hiking and going to concerts. While you'll often find Teresa dancing in the corner, Gavin prefers to stick to sound engineering. 

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Pastor Chris and Pastor Holly Mcmullen
Chris oversees and leads worship at The Bridge, and Holly is our BridgeKidz Nursery Director. Chris graduated with his Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Life Pacific College in 2009 and is the leading sales associate at a mobile company. Chris and Holly are parents to Caleb and Eliza (who are both crowd favorites at The Bridge for their sweet demeanors). They love spending quality time with friends and exploring new places.

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Instagram: @holly.mcmullen
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Instagram: @cmcmullen85

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Keaton Goodell
Keaton is the Creative Administrative Assistant at The Bridge, serving directly with Pastors Reed and Victoria, and oversees all midweek ministry promotion and web work. Keaton is also on the Sunday teaching team at The Bridge. You'll often find Keaton talking passionately about Bay Area sports stats or a new theology book he's reading. Keaton is currently earning his Masters of Arts in Theology with an emphasis in Biblical Hermeneutics at Fuller Seminary.

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Instagram: @keaton.goodell